Data-driven solutions

New challenges in digital media requires better approach to sales. We understand
that the best data-driven solutions are powered by human conversations.

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“A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.”

Simon Sinek — Author

Data-driven solutions

New challenges in digital media require a refined approach to sales.

We understand that the best data-driven solutions are powered by human conversations and an understanding of why IT matters. At IML, our focus on quality and the delivery of bespoke services, tailor-made to meet your sales enablement needs, goes well beyond a simple transaction.

Whatever your data requirements, our team of handpicked business development specialists have the skills to deliver highly qualified sales and marketing opportunities the world over.

Let us do the talking for you

Data-driven ...

Quality over quantity

Quality, not quantity, is the key to excellent data-driven solutions.

IML is selective in the clients we work with - and with over 20 years' experience of managing sales, marketing and research campaigns, that's how we prefer it. By only working with a small pool of partners at any one time, we ensure that our services are always remarkable. 500 highly qualified opportunities are better than 1,000 mediocre ones. IML never works to script or falls back on tired ways of transacting.

We treat our partners as individuals, adapting our approach to best fit your specific needs.

Quality over...

Talking your language

We work in 30 languages, engaging with a global database of 5 million IT and business buyers

What's more, we understand that the buying process in the fields of technology, finance and healthcare where the supply chain is complex. That's why we never neglect our partners' requirements - or the people underpinning every sale. Working alongside your sales and marketing teams, we'll identify the key drivers shaping your needs and challenges - and those of your customers. Informed and relevant engagement means better conversation

And better conversations mean excellent data intelligent solutions.

Talking your...

Put us to the test

Don't let bad experiences with mediocre telemarketing companies prevent you from transforming your sales opportunities.

We specialise in data-driven solutions and Account-Based Marketing you can trust. Whatever your data needs, whatever your field, let the experts in Highly Qualified Lead solutions drive the conversation.

At IML, we stand by our word. Put us to the test.

Put us to th...

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